Donny Liem is a passionate, loving, and perfectionist person - who began his exciting career back in 1999, working for two of the leading bridal companies in Indonesia for 7 consecutive years. As it was his passion, his dedication, and fate comes into play, he started his own business as a freelance makeup artist in 2007

Trying endlessly improve and enhance his work, he competed himself and found astounding results by winning several national championships, and his pinncale achievement of winning Southeast Asian makeup and hair styling championships. And today, he is recognized as one of the experts in beauty make up for brides in wedding days, pre-wedding photoshoots and other special moments you might want cherish

Knowing that sky's the only limit, and he wanted to give the best to the world and give his life a true meaning, he pursues every opportunity to put a smile on his client's faces and happiness in their hearts. He worked and continues to work for top fashion designers and most of the best photographers in his line of business

"As the world may one day forget your name, they will never forget your beauty"

Despite his acchievements, Donny Liem kept a simple life. He currently resides in the heart of bustling Jakarta living each busy day with a cheerful attitude, and trying his best he always does

It started from realizing that no one in this world is perfect, but every one of us wants to look as perfect as possible. This is when Donny realize that with a mix of ingenuity, creativity, and attention to detail, creates a driving force of his passion in creating his work of art

Make up to Donny is a wondrous world, it plays with imaginations and dreams. He brings them to life with a dash of colours, bold linings, and soft gradations, as they all will mould and shape into certain characteristics and contour in creating a 3 dimensional effect

Applying make up is like a work of art that transforms someone into a more extraordinary state, giving character only by looks, exerting glamour and releasing a woman’s inner beauty for the world to see. Sounding almost like a fairy tale, yet it also plays with many technicalities that you may not even considered, makeup aside from a work of art, is a work of precision. It creates a balance, it gives a sense of perfection, it creates contours and gradations of colours and shades to create the precise look that is being requested.

Furthermore, being a makeup artist is also more than creating dreams come true! It’s about choosing the right tools, with the right “ingredients”, for the right person. Every single client would be customized to their preferences, to their attributes, and to their specialties. Generalization is something that never comes into Donny’s mind, it always has to be unique. Handling the right make up is also one of the key in creating the right work of art, and it is within his highest standards, that he will hand pick and try out every single products that he uses, ensuring that there is no compromise in their quality to support his work. Specializing and experting in beauty makeups, the image of a woman to Donny is always the most special one. To him, his clients are not only women into their wedding days, or a lady trying to look beautiful in a photoshoot, but she is a princess, a diva, a goddess, and should be treated like one and he would not have it any other way. Every single woman to him is treated equally special with his talented hands and imagination, giving his utmost best to make wishes and dreams come true

It is his sheer dedication, and strive for perfection, to make every woman feel that she’s the most beautiful person in the world

"The most beautiful woman is a woman who feels she's beautiful"